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Liquor Catering

You Bring the Party, We’ll Bring the Liquor!

Preparing a big party, whether it’s for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, class reunion, family reunion, company event, or any other kind of gathering is a lot of work. If you labor over seating charts, decorations, food, and every other little aspect of it and make a few mistakes, things will still be OK. One mistake you must never make, however, is when it comes to the drinks. People expect the booze to be spot on — heck, if that’s the only part you get right, your guests are assured not to even notice the others!

Benefits of an Experienced Libations Manager

Setting up the perfect bar requires an attention to detail. We should know, because we do it in our restaurant every day. You need a proper supply of liquors, wines, and beers, a range of mixers, ice, glassware appropriate for a number of drinks, and all the right garnishes to put in them. What’s more, you need someone to serve all of that stuff — someone responsible, who won’t overserve, and someone who’s on their toes enough to keep the kids or Uncle Eddie from getting into the good stuff. You don’t want to worry about all of that when there’s a party to enjoy, do you?

We are the best when it comes to serving libations, and we’re standing by to lend you our expertise when you’re having your next big party. Call on us and we’ll send everything you need for the perfect bar, whether it will be inside or outdoors, as well as the friendly bar staff it needs to run smoothly. Your guests will love it! All you have to do is call to tell us what you’re planning and when you’ll need us, and then you won’t have to give that part of the preparation another thought. We’re on the case!

Good food, Great fun.


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